Posted by: Michael Mallack

Can you remember being in the womb? I know I certainly can’t. This was the time when all was right with the world, in which we all lived completely immersed in only our subconscious mind. We were fed, all was peaceful and quiet. We could not see nor taste. All we had was a warm home that we just floated around in. Analytical thinking was left up to our mothers. Nine months or so go by, and all of our energy is spent only on becoming. 

Then, through an intense series of events in which our mothers bore more pain than anything ever felt before, we are born into the world. We let out a cry, the umbilical chord is snipped, and all that kept us safe and nourished is stripped away. We are still completely at the mercy of humans to do the analytical thinking for us, to nurture us, and to raise us while we are still immersed in our subconscious minds. It is not until about age six or seven that we begin to consciously accept or reject the reality in which we are immersed within, when our analytical minds begin to develop. 

It is in this space, between the womb and this tender age in which our external world becomes a conscious choice, that the full power of the universe is present. It is in this state of becoming and uncertainty that life emerges from the internal to the external. 

Before we become conscious creators, we easily and naturally allow life to happen through us. So much energy and effort is generated to create and support us as a new child, and then it becomes up to us to process this energy, and to be either created by it, or to create from it intentionally. 

On the other end of the spectrum, when we are faced with death, energy transforms with much less effort. The more we let go and embrace conscious reunion with the unknown, the more gracefully we can accept the death of our bodies, and choose to move on in peace.

It is our responsibility then, in our hundred years or so, sometimes less, sometimes more, to create through life affirming decisions and cooperation with the natural order that emerges within us. Life affirms life. Fear and clinging to homeostasis, or the impulse to keep things “the same” is directly opposed to our true nature, and yet it is what many of spend our days doing. The things we are meant to hold onto in order to remain on this earth are safety, love, food, water, and the sweet, sacred breath that fills our lungs. All else can come and go, ebb and flow, and it certainly does. It’s how we choose to interact with and disseminate our experiences and the emotions that transpire.

Think about this; most of us, over 80% of the time, think the same thoughts today that we thought yesterday. Those thoughts generate feeling, and throughout our chosen experiences, these feelings become emotions that we either express or repress. Doing this is a natural process, and it happens whether we set our intentions to do so or not. 

The beautiful gift that we have, that was given to us in the womb, is that we CAN fall back into our subconscious mind intentionally, through guided meditation, where we are once again safe, nurtured and cared for. It is here in which the best ideas are formulated. It is here that we create reality, rather than struggle with that which has already been created.

The difference now as an adult, or even as a seven year old, is that we now can enter the subconscious mind WITH our conscious minds. Do this repeatedly with intentional life affirming consciousness, based in love, compassion, and desire, and we can take advantage of the energy used to create a child as a beacon to give birth to a new personal reality as well. We feed that idea with mental food, water and breath, and we can bring it into three dimensional reality. 

This can be scary, yet when we don’t CHOOSE to do this, life seems to happen to us, rather than through us. Our bodies take on the burden of this lack of choice, and our freedom is restricted. Illness and disease set in as our untreated traumas beg to be released. It is only in the careful, intentional use of our brains that we can bring the body back in harmony with life affirming emotions that set our bodies back on track. 

Through the Science of Mind teaching, we have the ability to affirm one true love, one light that shines through all, and remain open to the gift of the birth of new possibility. Through meditation, and deepened states of consciousness, we may connect with the voice that wants to be heard, with divinely inspired actions to be taken, and with trust, hope and faith that the universe will continue to provide life. We give thanks for this gift, knowing it is so. Releasing THIS consciousness gives rise to Divine perfection. It can provide us with optimal health, clear though, and right action. This can literally CURE disease! 

Think about some of the greatest of our time, from Einstein to Isaac Newton, Socrates to Abraham Lincoln. Their thoughts and ideas were divinely inspired and yet they faced so much opposition in their early lives before becoming known forever in human history in a light that bears no resemblance to their flaws. Their flaws didn’t stop them, nor did they define them! They knew that their ideas could change life as we know it, and they didn’t stop until their ideas emerged.

We are called to be great thinkers, to look forward at the future we want to see as if it were already the present reality. The concepts we find in the place beyond space and time, through meditation into the quantum realm provide the womb in which the brightest ideas are formulated. This type of idea creation changes the world for the better. 

Yes, we live IN the already created reality, but we also co-create our reality by the future we hold in our consciousness. When our inner reality is understood as more real than our outer reality, we are truly alive. We are truly conscious, life-affirming beings. That is the greatest gift bestowed upon humanity. 

Before the Science of Mind, back when it was called The First Church of Religious Science, I learned to face my entire inner world, to release my traumas, and to build my future. Now, when I think of the past, I dive back into the womb. When I think of the future, I imagine myself as the “perfect” version of me, the version I desire to become. I ask my fetal self, “How can I nurture you?” I ask my future self, “How can I become you?” This allows me to both give gratitude and love to who I have been, while simultaneously keeping my heart and mind centered on who I need to be right now to affirm life, love and integrity, in the ever unfolding, present moment. 

Finding the ability to live in the generous, present moment is easy once we reach resolve of both our past AND future, which are both divine ideas that exist in the one mind, back of all things. 

The Science of Mind teaching, and the classes and workshops offered, provide us with the tools necessary to release our traumas of the past, cultivate gratitude in our hearts, and to paint the masterpiece of our future by diving deep into the present moment with our inner eye wide open to the splendor of human consciousness. We are born through creation, which breeds the inevitable opportunity within each of us to invoke this conscious energy towards affirmation of even more life. 

Don’t miss the beauty that I know is buried deep within each of us. You are born for greatness. You are love in action. Don’t be led around by the confines of errors or wrongdoings in your personal reality, but rather make the most of the lessons they may teach you, set them free and return to being who you were meant to be; a conscious, co-creator in Divine expression.  

I hope this post finds you reminded to seek within for the guidance to give birth to a reality in which we all may thrive, prosper and love. 

Things may look different in the world than ever before in our living history, but that is beautiful! It means we are giving birth to new possibility. Your freedom of choice determines your personal reality. Make the most of it. Dare to embrace the unknown and trust the universe to guide you sweetly. Return to the subconscious, the womb of creation, and look towards the brighter future that we know is possible. 


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