Always Divinely Protected

Posted by: Dr Frankie Timmers

Living in this Spiritual Universe AND infused with Divine Love & Light I am always safe and divinely protected.

I breathe a breath of relief. 

I relax in my body, my heart softens and I remember all is well.

I notice all the ways: my driving today, my using the stove, my walking around the house, my breathing, my heart beating and so on….

The more I notice, the more I can relax.

I may not know what tomorrow brings, but today and especially in this moment, I am safe. 

I am protected by a Universal a Presence that is Pure Love.

It’s already happening!

I ‘simply’ am invited to align myself and to trust.

I am willing to grow in faith knowing all is well and willing to ‘hand over the reigns’ to the Power greater than me already in and around me.


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