a gift of Thanksgiving

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

This Universe I live in is infinitely generous. 

All It knows to do is to GIVE. It gives infinitely, unconditionally and generously. I am blessed, oh so blessed as the one who is on the receiving end.I am a gracious receiver in my Oneness with this Universe. I am It in human form. All that It is, I am. All that It gives, I graciously receive. Filling up and spilling over, I practice simple generosity. Generosity of mind brings me kind and loving thoughts about myself and others. Generosity of heart brings ease and grace to every relationship. Generosity in my actions allows me to be filled with joy and vitality. I am “just” circulating the Good that the Universe already bestows on me. Now that I have clarity on how I generously have all that I need, I surrender to simply being an instrument for Spirit. I practice simple generosity and simple generosity returns to me in all kinds of wonderful ways. And So It Is!

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