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Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

The theme for Centers for Spiritual Living all over the world this year is 100 Years of Science of Mind. To some a hundred years may be much, but compared to many other religions and spiritual philosophies 100 years is very young.  This teaching is really ancient wisdom, but falls under the umbrella of New Thought. The ancient wisdom was beautifully distilled and freed of most dogma by its found Dr. Ernest Holmes. In The Science of Mind Textbook (Page 351 Paragraph 1), we find these words:

‘The Science of Mind is not a special revelation of any individual; it is, rather, the culmination of all revelations. We take the good wherever we find it, making it our own as far as we understand it. The realization that Good is Universal, and that as much good as any individual is able to incorporate in their life is theirs to use, is what constitutes the Science of Mind and Spirit.”

Every day is made new. Every moment is a new opportunity to start fresh. It behooves us to start from a different place in mind and heart than the last one. This invites us to be more open, to listen to a different “voice”, and to consciously choose common sense, ancient wisdom and spiritual truth ideas.

The beauty of the Science of Mind is that teaches us HOW to think, not WHAT to think. It teaches us to align our thinking with ancient wisdom principles that have been proven over and over again to work. Change your thinking, change your life is our mantra. It seems very simple and may not always be, but it does say that our thinking is key to how we live.

If I think from fear I will have a very different life experience than when I think from faith or trust. That’s common sense, no?

So, this teaching asks us to notice how we feel, what we are thinking and to choose whether that is working for us or not. If it is not working for us we can change it.

We learn from the psychological science that to change a habit takes time & effort. Some say it takes 32 days to change a habit, some 40 and some 60…. but not matter how many days it takes, and it is by practicing a new habit that it becomes second nature.

If we approach this from common sense, we can even relax into it and enjoy the process, because stressing about it just creates a habit we might not want to create.

2018 is a great year to celebrate the Science of Mind teaching as it turns ONE HUNDRED with very month a new theme:

January: Living the Science of Mind

February: Self Awareness is Not Enough

March: You are Rooted in the Divine

April: Where Humanity and Divinity Meet

May: Spiritual Laws and How to Use Them

June: Spiritual Wisdom and How to Follow It

July: Revealing Wholeness

August: Spiritual Mind Treatment, the Form

September: Spiritual Mind Treatment, the Feeling

October: Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth

November: Freedom from Fear and Error Thinking

December: Happiness and Fulfillment

Join us! Your soul will be very grateful!

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