Can We Talk God?

Posted by: Irene Avlonitis

Well, in my opinion there’s really only one answer to the question and it is…OF COURSE! I have been talking to God for decades and like any relationship that is worth pursuing it has gotten richer, deeper and it is that which sustains me in my life.

However it was not always that way. When I was just a neophyte starting out on my spiritual path, my conversations were quite different from what they are today. I spent many a day sorting out untruths I had been taught to believe. The conditions of the past had me searching outside of myself, calling on a God that was “somewhere out there,” separate from me, seeking and longing for answers and wholeness. Never realizing I was a part of the equation. Sound familiar?

The Science of Mind teaches, “There is a God who knows, cares and understands and responds. but only through our own nature.” If God is everywhere all the time, in all things and all places, and if man/woman has been created from this very God Substance, then it is ours to prepare the mind consciously if we are to commune at the highest level. “ The greater our receptivity and comprehension, the more complete Its flow.” explains the founder of SOM.

My years of study and spiritual inquiry brought me to a place of deep understanding and over time I recognized I had access to a profound and beautiful relationship with Spirit, emerging from a spiritual conviction I held near and dear to my heart. It formed out of a consciousness that was rooted in deep desire, commitment and intention.

Here’s what Ernest Holmes says about how to talk to God.

We must perceive God in order to know God.

We cannot know anything beyond our own knowledge.

We can talk to God just as consciously, as we talk to people.

Do not talk at It, but to It.

God (Presence) responds through our own nature.

We must sense something within which we never dreamed of, this is where we meet God.

If we expect it, believe it, feel it, we will feel a direct response.

God speaks through the Universal language of emotion, sense, feeling, intuition and instinct.

It is just as conscious of you, as you are of It.

If you want to truly learn how to talk to God, then you may want to read this jewel of a book up. It’s a mere 79 pages and a quick read. Frankly, it covers the fundamentals of what Ernest Holmes teaches in all his books. And if you are like me, you can read and reread his words, year after year and never tire of them.


What I know about myself is I live to commune with Spirit, to feel and revel in its sweet Presence, to be in Oneness with an Intelligence so vast, so awe-inspiring that is Pure Love. Living the Principles guides me, lifts me up, reminds me of the incredible power that is available and how I can use it for good. As Holmes states, “God is to each one what that person is to God.”

I certainly don’t always do it right. But when I walk on my path I know I am not alone. I feel the presence of God’s Eternal Love in, as and through me. I feel it fill the space around me. There have been times when I consciously convene with God that I have been moved to tears. Once standing in front of a tree, and another time glancing at a spiraling river eddy. I AM mesmerized, drawn in, I AM the river and the river is me. I Am the tree and the tree is me. Motionless. Still. As One. A state of overwhelming love washes over. Time stops. Only Peace, Pure Grace. All God.

So if you ask, Can We Talk to God? I know the answer is yes, but when you’re ready.

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