Discover A Richer Life

Posted by: Theo Tilton

In the book discover a richer life by Ernest Holmes, he states “ the progressive Awakening of man to Greater ideals and accomplishments, through ART, science, philosophy, and religion is the passing of spirit threw him into expression.” discovering a richer life is in the eyes of the beholder. Whether one chooses to express their personal prosperity through demonstrations of artistic talent, intellectual knowledge, science and philosophy or religion. Through body movement in dance or in financial currencies as an abundant bank account. The way Humanity chooses to demonstrate a richer life can show up in every single area of one’s life. Through relationships and love, money and finances, vocation or employment, health and wellness or well-being, and time flexibility.

One can choose to dream about a new life that one would love to live or one can choose to live a dream life and take action through spiritual belief and practices such as prayer, meditation, and ritual. As with many books that Ernest Holmes has written the topic of Prayer is a pinnacle in nearly all of his writings and this book is no different. Affirmative prayer otherwise known as spiritual mind treatment, which is basically treatment of the mind on a spiritual basis, AKA prayer. This form of prayer is used to demonstrate preferred outcomes in any area of life.

The ideas presented in this wonderful writing is that prayer can be used for any and all areas of life. Such that demonstrations occurring from the prayers can build and manifest the life of one’s dreams.

One might ask why does it seem that Financial abundance or rich and wealthy lives seem to only occur with specific individuals it would seem as though these people, families, communities have been given some kind of gift or preferential treatment in the eyes of God. Ernest Holmes eloquently dispels this myth and basically explains how the reason we see this out in the world is because certain individuals seemingly know how the universe works and by simply applying specific and scientific methods the intended outcomes can be achieved by anyone who practices them.

This very short but powerful book is an easy read, and if you are looking to start living a new life of your dreams, I assert that it’s available for you to live right now. There is no time to waste,  simply start practicing the spiritual principles and include them in your daily rituals and begin to see and discover for yourself the power of Prayer and live a richer life. Sharing these principles with your family, spouse, children, friends and loved ones will increase the richness of your life. As you and others around you begin to practice these principles you’ll begin to unfold unimaginable wealth and abundance in every area of your life.

One of the primary inside of Ernest Holmes writings is the teachings of Jesus. A specific quote where Jesus said it is done unto you as you believe is the foundational belief system prescribed inside of the philosophy of the science of the Mind. In discover a richer life the use and practice of these foundational teaching of this great master is contained within. My biggest takeaway from this book is that Ernest Holmes uses the word now quite a number of times. Your new life is available now. Your dream life is available now. Demonstration of prayer is available now. It is further proof that the present moment is the only moment we have. Demonstrating a virtual life is not going to come from analyzing your past or thinking that something is going to come from the future or happen in the future creating a richer life through prayer and practice occurs now. So there is no time like the present, start now.

Theo Tilton RScP LMC , Licensed religious science practitioner

Life Mastery consultant

Dream Builder life coach

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