I Live in the Realm of the Real!

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

Written by Dr. Frankie Timmers

Today I turn away from the outer world of effect and every time I do, I remember my True Nature AND my purpose.
Remembering instantly leads to expressing and living my True Nature.
Living my True Nature IS my purpose.
I am Love, Light, Beauty, Wisdom, Peace, Joy and Power incarnate.
I reach inside for these Divine Characteristics of mine, I claim them and the moment I claim them they must come alive.
The outer world may distract me, but it is EASY for me to remember my True Nature AND my purpose.
It is all that really matters, all that always and already IS so and all that is most Real.
My mind and heart are honed to Truth.
I make time daily to re-connect to this Truth and I let It take over.
No longer is my communication (inner and outer) on the dramas of the world.
I discover my communication with Truth and it shows up as love, clarity, solutions and divine activity.
I live in the realm of the Real and the more I do the more it manifests.

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