In the Infinite Land of the Divine

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

Written by Dr. Frankie Timmers

Today I dwell in the Infinite Land of the Divine.
I am strongly and firmly rooted in Principle.
My proverbial feet are firmly planted in the soil of Truth.
If something rocks me, disturbs me, distracts me or attempts to sway me I KNOW what to do and where to go!
I go back to the solid ground of my Being: Truth, my glorious Divine Landscape, Unwavering Principle.
And whether this happens once a day or a million times a day, I am committed to living in Truth.
I am willing to see that being disturbed is just a “test”…It’s God’s Sense of Humor to see what I am REALLY about and what I REALY believe.
So today I dwell in sweet and simple gratitude for all those “tests”, I laugh at myself and I laugh with God.
I KNOW what to do…I know what to think and believe…
I am a living example of my spiritual values and my faith…both ever expanding and growing.
I forgive myself for my forgetfulness and feel freer than ever to make my life a celebrations.

© Center for Spiritual Living Morristown