Is There Evil

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

We call it evil but we really don’t know
If it could be good, and cause us to grow
Nothing is built without tearing something down,
And while the process is messy, the results are often sound.
Perhaps we will learn what’s important, it’s true
That perception changes, each day starts a new
And we get to reevaluate what makes us strong
Could it be the same thing that yesterday was wrong?
For nothing in itself has this power but what we imbue
By our thoughts, our feelings and a sense of what’s due
To us, to the world, to others in our life
We are the ones who create our own strife
By pretending to be other than who we are
And then extending that outward, near and far
We forget the Truth, and let others forget too
That we are all vessels of Spirit, all God, it’s true
And when this you truly realize and know
Then there exists no place for evil to go.
For God is all there is, and we are all God inside,
So there really is no need for evil to hide
Because evil is just good, but hidden in a disguise
That tricks us and hurts us with all its lies
Because we allow that thought to exist in Mind
Once banished by belief, I know we’ll find
That from a place of Love, there can be only good
So it’s up to us to see it as we would
Want it, and have it and trust it to Be
Heaven on earth, where all of us are free.

Lori Carlson

© Center for Spiritual Living Morristown