Know With Me…

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

In this moment, I withdraw my attention from the outer world of chaos and bring my attention to the inner world of absolute Truth and Peace.Here I find sustenance, True Sustenance. I go to the Infinite Well of All that is Good and fill up on all that I need to be of greater service.I know I am called to be part of the healing….of the rebirth that is taking place in the world.I let go of anything & everything that is inhibiting me.In my new found freedom, I KNOW I have a gift to bring that is unique.Being true to my soul’s purpose I step into service with love, power, grace and as the healing presence that the Universe instilled me to be.I witness instant and powerful demonstrations.I let ACTION come from Truth within me in a way that is powerful, infused with love & compassion and reflecting a vision that declares a world that works for EVERYONE.Grateful to serve with a pure heart I can see that healing in me and the healing outside of me are the same thing.Letting the law demonstrate this treatment in the highest and best ways, I no longer see chaos. I see healing taking place in most glorious ways. AND SO IT IS!

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