Let Go and Trust

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

Every single leaf falling from the trees is a reminder to let go and trust something Greater in me (than me). 

It’s the same as the never questioning of autumn always coming after summer and before winter. 

It’s the same as the never doubting of rising and setting of the sun.

Today I let go with greater ease and grace of whatever I am now ready to be free of. 

It requires no real work. 

It just requires my letting go and trusting Universal Law. 

It’s the same trust I have in the changing seasons and movements of the moon and sun.

I forgive myself for making it harder than it needs to be.

I laugh at the part of me that so tenaciously holds on to that which is not really mine to hold onto.

I flow with life just like the leaves in every season.

I trust my life just like I trust the movements of the sun and moon.

This makes space in me to serve sharing my unique creativity, joy and love. The world is obviously hungry for it.

With no obstacles in the way ANYTHING is possible. 

I’m so deliriously excited!

I KNOW the Greater in me has some amazing things in store for me and my life.

Avenues are already being created and because I’m getting out of my own way I can see them clearly from moment to moment and I can easily follow them to fulfillment.

Now the Greater in me leads the way and all I get to say is YES! YES! YES!

And all I get to do is BE GRATEFUL.


© Center for Spiritual Living Morristown