Poem For Service

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

Written by Lori Carlson

I allow myself the exquisite gift of yearning
For something more, for something greater
Thru this teaching and all I’m learning
I know it’s what happens now that determines later

And so I step forth with a consciousness open and free
Of limiting beliefs and the struggles that keep
Me stuck in patterns of who I should be
Letting go, I release subconscious thoughts buried so deep
And choose possibility, opening myself to the chance
That is inherent in each moment and each new day
That gives us the steps to create a new dance
And new ways to express what we need to say

There’s a freedom that comes from questioning who we are
And as we push thru the struggles and the pain
We come to see the clear vision, sparkling like a star
In the night sky, so clear after the cleansing rain

So I vision and pray and spend time sitting still
Trusting in the voice that comes thru when I do
Knowing that it’s not my ego, but surely, God’s will
Expressing itself in the quiet of my soul, it’s true.

And so I embrace the vision, the voice and any struggle
Accepting it’s only there for me to grow and let go
Allowing the Law to create and to juggle
Circumstances and events to come out just so
If I let go and let it be so.

And so I say with deep conviction and belief
And SO IT IS, knowing it is done
And I can let go with the sweet relief
Of leaving the how in the hands of the One
Who creates and expresses as the Law of life
And gives access to all possibility, the same to each
And even when it feels like struggle and strife
If we let go and just know, then surely we’ll reach
From the depths of our beliefs, to the highest of highs
And become the possibility we were meant to be
Releasing all judgment and fear with a sigh
We’re catapulted into the field of love, free
To just be.

© Center for Spiritual Living Morristown