Self Awareness is Not Enough

Posted by: Val Delloiacono

Mom, are you in a cult?  My son, mid-thirties, asked me that last Thanksgiving as we were going around the table sharing gratitudes.  This was something we had certainly done before but this year was different.  Instead of ending with a traditional prayer, I shared an affirmative prayer, recognizing the God in all of us.   Apparently, my new way of thinking about God was noticed.

He was being a bit of a wise guy, but to his question, no, not a cult. Of the several definitions for the word “cult”, they essentially boil down to this one: “A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.”

The Science of Mind teaching includes concepts such as believing in one’s good, emphasizing love and righteousness, and using the power that lies within our minds.

So, in addition to affirmative prayer and unabashed gratitude, how has the noticeable shift in my way of thinking manifested tangibly?

  • Releasing what no longer serves me – job, relationships, unhealthy habits, negative self-talk.
  • Making affirmative declarations that put me in charge of my life circumstances.
  • Knowing that I am one with the Universe. Knowing that God is in and all around me and each of us, not some outside entity; so empowering.
  • Forgiving, setting goals, visioning for my life.
  • I’m happier, more positive, peaceful and content.
  • When troubles arise, I have more tools in my toolkit to cope, and know that I can reframe events by thinking about my part in them.
  • Victim mentality no longer enters my mind.
  • I have embraced my humanity and the spirit that lives in all of us. Mistakes and imperfection are OK by me.

My daughter recently said to me “Mom, you’re the most optimistic person I know.  You see the good in everybody and you love to laugh.”  Maybe that’s who I was all along, but it’s lovely to know it’s evident.

My kids make interesting observations.

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