Simply Willing!

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

Today I let go of any ‘hunger’ I may l carry.Whether it is from the past and unconscious or of the present and real and big, I let it go.
I turn to the Fullness and the Abundance of the Universal & Infinite Love and remember that I already am content and full.
It is the only way and the only Truth in me and around me right now.
I remember it IS really the only Truth and that everything unlike it is simply a story I have told myself as a way of accepting a lie.
Any idea of emptiness, lack or hunger is simply Spirit’s Way of calling me to the Truth.
I accept the invitation. It is THAT simple!
As I simply let go of ANY limiting belief I am filled up with Light, Love, Wisdom and Abundance.
Today I am willing to let go and willing to embrace this inherent Freedom.
I revel in this inherent, absolute and infinitely available Truth and It dissolves whatever is in the way.
I refuse to pick it back up.
I simply carry the Truth in my heart and mind and it keeps filling me with all that is G(O)OD!
Gratefully, I accept. Gratefully I share how blessed I am and how much Light I can carry.

© Center for Spiritual Living Morristown