Spiritual Mind Treatment – The Form

Posted by: Lucy Pavlik

Posted by As the “Dog Days of Summer” falls upon us, let us explore a spiritual tool that we use in Science of Mind – a powerful tool which we call, “Spiritual Mind Treatment”.

What is Spiritual Mind Treatment?

Spiritual Mind Treatment, also known as Affirmative Prayer, or just Treatment is a five step prayer in which we turn within and tune in to God – the Infinite Loving Presence that is right inside of us. It is a prayer in which we speak our word to claim and/or to accept the good that we desire.

I love this type of prayer because it allows me to simply turn within and connect with this loving Presence that is right within me instead of begging to a deity out there to grant me something. Once I make the connection with God within me, I then can use my word to treat and affirm the good that I want to demonstrate.

The Form – How to Treat?

In the book, Living the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes said, “Now there is such a Law as Mind in Action, and it is this Law that we use when we give a treatment…”

Since we are working with universal laws, there is a method for Spiritual Mind Treatment, which consist of five steps:

Step one – Recognition: We recognize that there is ONE Infinite presence that permeates everything, ONE force encompassing all creation, ONE energy from which all things are made of. This One Presence is our Source; it is God (the God of your understanding)

Step two – Unification: In this step we unite ourselves with this Presence, with God. Since God is the Creator of all creation; we are creations of God and all that God is; we are. For instance, if God is Love this means that I am love for I am an expression of God.

This step is very empowering and I love knowing that all of God’s qualities are my qualities. When I do this step two, I usually stay in it until I feel that I am really connected and it is from that place that I can then move to the next step.

Step three – Realization: Is the part of the prayer where we claim the good that we desire in an affirmative way. We affirm our truth and we speak the word always in the present tense. This is important to remember because we want our good in the now, not in a so far off future. For example, I would say something like, “right here, right now, I accept that I am …. fill in the blank.

Step four – Thanksgiving: In this step we simply give thanks for we know that the prayer has been answered.

Step five – Release: The release step means that the treatment is done. We release our prayer into the Creative Law, which as a result, brings it into form. Hence, release your treatment with faith and the assurance that it is done.

In closing, during these “Dog Days of Summer”, as you enjoy the outdoors – weather is it by going to the beach, a recreational park, or simply by looking at nature, take this time to connect with your Source and affirm your good and make this a part of your spiritual practice and see the difference that it makes in your life.

For more information about Spiritual Mind Treatment, I encourage you to attend our Center, contact a practitioner and/or sign up for classes in the fall where you will be able to delve into this powerful spiritual tool and use it to demonstrate greater good in your life.

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