Spiritual Wisdom & How To Follow It

Posted by: Bridget Sullivan

I am a person who is always trying to learn new things. I surround myself with books and enroll myself in classes and workshops. I take notes. So why is it that actual wisdom is so hard to come by, and even harder to follow and put into practice in life?

Perhaps it is because spiritual wisdom is already inside of us, and the searching we do out in the world can never open us up to all we can find by searching within. Ernest Holmes teaches us that the only limitations we have are the ones we have created and accepted. What false beliefs do you hold that no longer serve you? What if you were to change your thinking and release the belief? I bet you would feel a lot better; a lot lighter.

I try to pinpoint my false beliefs and think bigger and more creatively to replace negativity and self-doubt with manifestations of pure joy, but like everyone I often have trouble consistently following this spiritual wisdom. It hasn’t been until recently that I found use for another tool that has always been with me – my intuition. It used to be that I would have an intuitive thought or feeling and I would not listen and trust my own inner wisdom, buying into the false belief that I am “just too sensitive” or that I always mess up, so why trust myself?

It has taken me a long time to realize that it was precisely this thinking that was keeping me stuck where I was, not fully accepting or loving myself. When I decide to choose love, and extend love to all around me including myself, I can disassemble false beliefs and remember that love is all there is – I AM love, and I am not only beautifully sensitive, I am creative and designed for success. Reading and studying helps me dissect spiritual wisdom, and Ernest Holmes’ book, A New Design For Living is a road map from mistrusting ourselves and thinking small as we search for love out in the world, to trusting that life is happening FOR us rather than TO us, that our thinking creates our reality, and if we use the Law accordingly and trust in Love, our lives will change.

I think the most interesting thing about spiritual wisdom and how to use it is that they are one and the same. The wisdom is so simple that sometimes it passes us by, getting lost in the crazy, busy world out there. The wisdom tells us exactly what to do. Go within. Trust yourself. Choose love. It really is as easy and hard as that. When we remember to look within for answers, trust our intuition, and treat others and ourselves with love as we use the tools Science of Mind provides for us, we can design exactly how we want to live.

I am still practicing every day, and still aim to be a life-long learner. I will always surround myself with books and sign up for classes and workshops, but now I also take time to search within, see how I feel about things and honor those feelings, and trust I can get myself through the hard times when I feel like there is lack of time, money, or love. I am very grateful for spiritual wisdom, and I will continue to follow it.

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