Using The Truth

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

Written by Lori Carlson

Although the ground beneath us may seem unsure
We know in our hearts that the Truth is pure
And the lessons we learn thru these difficult days
Are bound to enrich us in innumerable ways
So we dig in deep and go for the core
Of our spirits, our teaching and find so much more
Strength and resilience in the power of the Word
The one we’ve here spoken, not all that we’ve heard
From the media, or Twitter, or any such place
Let’s all try to retain some dignity and grace
As we face the division that seems so clear
But is really an illusion built upon fear.
In truth we are united, all sprung from the One Mind
And in remembering our Oneness, we access the Divine.
So we look past appearances and try to judge not
And remember to be grateful for all that we’ve got
Because it’s up to us now to do what we must
To spread love and forgiveness and to trust
In the evolution of people, that we’ll all rise strong
As soon as we let go of who’s right and who’s wrong
For any type of judgment just ties us down
And keeps our spirits to earthly conditions bound
When what we desire is to be set free, to elevate
To raise our consciousness so that we vibrate
At the frequency of love, which sees no division
When we stand in this truth there’s no need of revision.
So we speak the truth, direct from the heart
And together we banish what keeps us apart
By utilizing Priniciple, we help bring about a brighter day
Of Oneness, of Truth and love for all, for this we now pray.

© Center for Spiritual Living Morristown