Where Humanity and Divinity Meet

Posted by: John and Lucy Pavlik

I grew up with the belief that God was out there in the far distance and was not always available. I thought that church was the only place I could find God. I believed that God was too busy and didn’t have time for me.

Then, I found the Science of Mind teaching and learned that God is in everyone. I learned that I don’t have to go anywhere in order to find God – for God, the Divine resides within, thus where humanity and the Divinity meet is inside each individual provided each individual takes time to turn within and connect with the Source of all creation.

It is so beautiful to know that the “most powerful Force in the universe”, the Creator of all creation lives in me. God, the Divine is in me and is always available.

However, with our lives being so busy and with so many distractions, work and responsibilities, taking time to meet with the Divine can be challenging and sometimes even impossible. Most of us are “running against the clock” because our lives are too busy.

IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY, to take the time to commune with the Divine. But how do we do this? How do we meet with the Divine? The answer is, by doing our daily spiritual work.

This can be easily accomplished with a morning practice that will set the foundation for our day. For instance, upon arising taking time to do some or all of the following spiritual practices:

  • Spiritual Mind treatment / affirmative prayer
  • Meditation – seating quietly, listening to soft music or guided meditation
  • Reading spiritual materials
  • Journaling
  • At any time throughout the day, take a few moments to just stop and breathe and make a spiritual connection
  • Go for a mindful walk in nature
  • When is time to retire at night, take a few moments to constructively review your day and write a gratitude list.

These practices are only a few of the many methods that can be used in order to turn within. It is as we take the action of turning within, as we do our daily spiritual work that we are able to connect with the Divine.

Why it is important that we make an effort to connect with the Divine in us?

Thomas Troward, who was a big influence to Ernest Holmes, the founder of the SOM teaching spoke about the seven qualities of God, which are: Love, Light, Power, Peace, Joy, Beauty and Wisdom.  As we quietly turn within and connect with the Divine, we tune in to these attributes and they are more present in our lives, we radiate them, we get to bring them into the world and we deal better with difficult situations because we are more grounded.

Additionally, communing with the Divine is the most sacred, holy and beautiful spiritual journey and a great privilege.

Meeting with the Divine is a must in order to grow spiritually. The blessing of this is we don’t have to go anywhere in order to make this happen. We don’t have to search out there, we turn within, for it is within where humanity and Divinity meet.

Enjoy the ride!

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