A Spiritual Mind Treatment ~ New Thought ~ New Life ~ New Me💞

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Today I am made new. 

I am made new as I tune in more consciously to the Presence & Power of Divine Love already fully in me.

This core and organic Life Force Source of all that is is Whole, Perfect and Complete in Its Absoluteness and totally fuels me.

Every moment is now such an awesome revealing opportunity.

I start with letting myself FEEL ~REALLY REALLY FEEL~ my next breath as new and holy…my next heartbeat as new and sacred and as the Breath and Heartbeat of Pure Spirit.

I wait now……I wait until…I wait until I do…..(breathe……)

And NOW I realize the newness of every moment in a fresh way …..grabbing this newness I let it infuse my consciousness in the deepest way and everything else falls away….that which does not fall away I can now SEE in a new way. 

This deeply inspires me into action.

I am so excited about the glorious possibilities this brings to my life and therefor, of course, to life around me.

I am in service to life in a new way, truly having joy-filled passion and inspired hope for a world that works for everyone that I am a part of creating.

I effortlessly do my part….I celebrate this unique way of participating…without the need to shame myself or anyone else for how they are moved to do their part. 

This does not just set me free but everyone else too!

And so it is!

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