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Center for Spiritual Living Morristown is a place where people come together knowing their connection with God. Here, you are respected for the unique individual that you are. Here, you are encouraged to revel in a life that fulfills you, experience the freedom of spiritual expression and become aware of the Universal Law.

Learn that your life reflects your choices, live the life you dream of, and know that all things are possible when you believe.


Transforming lives through the Science of Mind Philosophy, Faith and Way of Life


Providing spiritual inspiration to individuals that lifts each one to transform their lives in ways that create a world that works for everyone


Vibrant Community, Deep Spiritual Practice, Integrity, Gratitude, Unity, Timeless Wisdom, Uncompromising Compassion, Conscious Awareness and Spiritual Transformation

Our Leadership

The Leadership Council is committed to serving the highest good of our spiritual community and provides comprehensive, timely and open communication with the Center’s members. Members of the Leadership Council are elected annually by members.

Dr. Frankie Timmers

Spiritual Director

Rev. Janice Billera

Michael Mallack

Fernando Roman

Kathy Ronca

Leadership Council
Frannie Burns
Kathy Ronca
Michael Mallack
Fernando Roman
Dr. Rev. Frankie Timmers
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