At the Center for Spiritual Living Morristown, you will find a spiritual community that blesses all teachings and spiritual teachers, and respects all the manners in which one may draw closer to Spirit.  We provide spiritual tools for personal transformation that make the world a better place.

Join our Sunday Celebration (11:00 am) where you’ll enjoy upbeat music and practical, inspiring messages that help you deal with real life issues.

We offer many opportunities for spiritual learning and community:

We teach that God, Spirit, Universe is all there is — a presence that is everywhere present, not a person or personality. This Universe is always creating through each of us. Using spiritual practices of positive affirmation, meditation, affirmative prayer and visioning, we learn about spiritual principles, how they work, and how to apply these principles in our lives.

Whether you are just starting on your spiritual journey or have been on it for some time, this is a philosophy that promotes living an abundant and harmonious life.  We invite and encourage you to join us on Sunday (…and more) to connect with the Oneness of all life.

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If you want to go deeper into yourself and grow your consciousness and connection to God...and do that with other people in community, this is the place to come"
Beth Williams

Upcoming Events

Uncovering the 12 Deepest Truths

Dr. Frankie Timmers

Every First Tuesday beginning January 3rd, 2023 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm EST


Investment: $50 per month or $500 for the year ($100 savings)

Optional in between material discussions, inspiring emails andcheck-ins.

Required study book: Unveiling Your Hidden Power Workbook By Ruth L. Miller

Zoom only

Emma Curtis Hopkins was called the Teacher of Teachers. Ernest Holmes was one of her last students. She had a long line of students, who became teachers themselves. Her message was one of powerfully developing a healing consciousness. This class richly teaches us to develop our own healing consciousness in twelve powerful lessons. The mysticism of Emma from the 1800s still transmits this core message today.

Dr. Frankie has steeped herself for years in the works of Emma Curtis Hopkins and brings a deepening understanding of her work. Herself a longtime student and practitioner of
metaphysics, she is a powerful demonstrator of what embodiment of the principles looks

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The Untethered Soul Book Study and Discussion

Dr. Frankie Timmers

5 Sundays beginning June 4th, 2023 from 12:30pm - 2:00pm EST

Join one session or all five!

Investment: $15 per session

Join Dr. Frankie as we explore the depth, healing message & wisdom of the works of Michael Singer which Dr. Frankie has been
working with for at least the last five years.

She will weave in the Principles and Practices of the Science of Mind in seamless ways since both methodologies are a powerful way of practicing and living a deeper spiritual life.

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New Thought Gathering

Sponsored by Centers for Spiritual Living Morristown and Unity Communities of New Jersey

Saturday, June 17th, 2023 from 3:00pm - 8:00pm EST at Vasa Park

Food - Games - Music

Please know that children under 10 are free. Bring a lawn chair and your favorite outdoor games.

Food by Dominick's Italian Restaurant

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Sound Bath With Kat Roman

Kat Roman

Sunday, July 16th, 2023 from 12:45pm - 2:00pm EST

Sound Bath Exchange: $30

Summer Bliss Sound Journey: Let’s bloom where we are planted

Our bodies respond to the vibrations of different sounds or frequencies. A Sound Bath immerses us in these vibrations by utilizing various instruments. This creates a deeply
meditative state by slowing our brainwaves and allowing our bodies to experience rest.

Tips to make the experience better: Yoga Mat if you choose to lie on the floor (recommended), you may bring a blanket to place on the mat, a cushion for under the knees to provide additional comfort, an eye cover and anything else to create your ultimate rest nest. There will be seating available as well.

For additional information or questions contact Kat Roman at: 201-602-9085.

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Ongoing Events

First Friday Healing Circle

Gail Belluardo, Licensed CSL Practitioner

Every First Friday from 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST

The spiritual path is an ongoing journey of discovering your true nature. It gives you the opportunity to more fully embody your innate
potential. As a result, challenges along the way become avenues for transformation and Self realization.

A Healing Circle is a sacred gathering where human experience meets Divine potential through prayer, music, ritual and sacred sharing. These practices provide a deeper spiritual connection with God, yourself and others, and become an avenue for deeper healing.

For additional information or questions, you may call 973-879-6476.

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Instructors / Facilitators / Teachers

Gail Belluardo

Reverend Jennifer Berkely

Reverend Janice Billera

Michael Mallack

Theo Tilton

Reverend Doctor Frankie Timmers

Kat Roman

Stephen Tarsitano

Alan Vukas

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