Our Practitioners

Licensed Spiritual Practitioners are a healing center! When someone needs support or a shoulder to lean on, a Professional Practitioner is there – trained, compassionate, and most important, clear about everyone’s innate divinity. A Licensed Spiritual Practitioner has a strong conviction in the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment and has experienced results with the use of it. Licensed Spiritual Practitioners are trained in experiencing the oneness of Life and expanding in unity consciousness. Practitioners support clients with Spiritual Mind Treatment in eliminating conditions that are not working for the greater good and exploring spiritual principles and the use of spiritual laws to create the life they desire.

The practitioners at the Center for Spiritual Living Morristown are some of the most compassionate, intuitive and dedicated spiritual teachers I have ever met. I am blessed to have had their support and good counsel on more than one occasion. "
Connie Ludwin

Rev. Janice Billera
Staff Minister

Gail Belluardo, RScP

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