Free Discovery Class

Are you READY for a BIG uplift in your life?

Do you know that deeper commitment to your
spiritual life can create that?

Consider taking YOUR next step in being a part of this spiritual community.

Membership is a mutual relationship at a higher level, blessing everyone! And it allows us to realize our vision & mission TOGETHER

The focus of this class is to inform, educate and
empower each person interested in the Science of Mind teaching and is required prior to choosing to become a member.

In this series you will:
➽Discover our basic philosophy.
➽Experience our form of prayer.
➽Learn the history of our teaching.
➽Find out about how all the different teams work together to support the center.
➽Understand what it means to be a member and a part of our center community.
➽AND make new friends!!

The class was free and is required before being accepted as a member.

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