A Spiritual Mind Treatment:  I Am Diving Deep 

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Today I rely more deeply than ever on the Ever-Present Grace of the Universe.
I already know It in my mind as Absolute Truth.
I already feel It in my heart as Divine Love.
I already experience It in my body as Miraculous.
And NOW I know & feel & experience It in my soul AS more REAL than ever.
It IS my soul…. It IS my very being.
Any and all ‘unknowing’ cracks and crumbles and falls away.
I am freed by this in such a way that the things that have been burdening me in my mind are NO MORE!
I fully believe this.
Any shred of doubt ~RIGHT NOW with This Word~ is NO MORE!
I can feel it dissolve…..I wait for it….I wait for it……..THAT feeling…..in my mind, my heart and my body..
My soul has ALWAYS known, felt and been that. I just forgot!
Now that I am more deeply dwelling in this True Knowing I’m all about CELEBRATING!
I am overjoyed & so so grateful to be dancing from the Light Within me once again.
I remember more fully that this is my Real Self….my Real Life.

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