A Spiritual Mind Treatment ~ To be Human and Divineā€¦šŸŒž

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Ahhhhhhh, to be human AND divineā€¦

There are days I so struggle and suffer and then there are days when grace and gloriousness spill over like a waterfallā€¦.

Letā€™s know this!

This momentā€¦this very momentā€¦ā€¦

This moment I simple bring myself to dwell in Infinityā€¦in Grace and in the Purest, Deepest Love already within me.

My breath catches before it falls into step with the Divine Breath.

My heart skips a beat before it remembers it is in harmony with the Heart of my Beloved.

And now there is only THIS momentā€¦and I am BEING!

Everything else falls awayā€¦whether it is human suffering, forgetfulness, worldly ā€˜thingsā€™, memories or any conditioningā€¦..JUST BEING.

This is the Divine Well I go to for sustenance and inspiration.

This is where I go to fill up and heal.

This is easy when I realize this is all there is in this moment and in this place in consciousness.

Now I am BECOMINGā€¦now I am becoming CLEAR.

This clarity informs my showing up as I get to serve life in full-formed and full-filled ways.

These ways are regenerative & sustainableā€¦never to be depleted.

Now, in this place of remembrance, I can once again be in awe, wonder and gratitude for this human journey.

Now I remember my purpose and I go about my day feeling blessed and being a blessing in my world in the only ways I can be as an individualized expression of the One.


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