Circles… Circles… Everywhere

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The nature of God is a circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere.


On this glorious day I celebrate CIRCLES…circles, circles everywhere….ever expanding, ever deepening….ALL of It the activity of Divine Grace.

Today I expand my consciousness by drawing a bigger circle…by opening my mind & heart, by looking (and really seeing) deeper.

Universal Grace assists me….I start with silence….or a blank page and let Spirit draw/write through me…

I let go of what was and open to what wants to be.

In the powerful connection of All Life something NEW is revealed to me and only me.

Only me because I am an individualized expression of the One.

What is revealed to me becomes alive and serves the world…our planet….all of humanity in amazing ways….ways I may never know, may never see.

It matters not….being tuned in and of service to what is revealed to me matters most.

Deep faith in this Truth becomes my bigger circle and I am well pleased.

Grateful for this and the Law’s Activity in dissolving whatever is in the way, I release this Word and know for sure, IT IS DONE!

And So It Is!!

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