Close to My Highest Vision

Posted by: Dr Frankie Timmers

Today I stay close to my Highest Vision of myself, others, the world.
Today I see though Divine Eyes and feel what is possible.
Today I trust a Higher Law that is responding to my very beingness.
I realize how blessed this makes me for it reminds me of my deep connection with Spirit.
As an individualized expression of the One, I have the same make up.
Today I turn to my divine make up and trust Its generosity. Yes, it only knows to give.
Today I practice receiving all that is Good.
I let it sweep away what no longer serves me and I feel a healing going on.
My faith is strengthened. Love leads the way. Wisdom guides my thinking and Joy bubbles up from inside me.
All is well. Always has been and always will be.

© Center for Spiritual Living Morristown