Doors Of Home

Posted by: Lori Carlson

Written by Lori Carlson 3/18/22

We’ve internalized the blue doors of greeting
And welcome that we associated with home.
We know that wherever we are meeting
It is our love, spirit and the fellowship we’ve known
And grown together that determines who we are.
It is not so much any place or even this beautiful new space
But God’s grace that consecrates
Us all as one, near or far.
And so, as we seed this new space with our thoughts and our prayers,
We rise and bloom like the seedlings we plant,
Putting down new roots that extend beyond this physical realm
Into the consciousness at large, through Divine Mind and the internet.
As our plans and seeds come to fruition
And we continue to expand our scope
Out into the community, sharing all that we are
Adapting like seeds of nature, dewy with hope
Of becoming all we are meant to be
As a community.
We ARE love in action, with love we act,
And where ever we are is made sacred by that fact.
So we embrace this, our new home with care, and dare
To envision the greater yet to be
Knowing that we are beholding
The beauty of Spirit unfolding as us
Aware of the infinity that entails
And the divinity explicit in every detail.
The power and force of love from deep within the soil of our being
Which we water with smiles and service and namastes
Bursts forth in sacred splendor
Like the doors in our hearts
We open for others to enter.
This place
This space
This grace
Blossoms here on my face
And on yours.
Together, we are always home.

© Center for Spiritual Living Morristown