Ginormous Gratitude

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

Written by Dr. Frankie Timmers

The simplest spiritual practice I know is the practice of GRATITUDE.

A practice that can be done with every breath and every heartbeat…in other words, in every moment.

There is ALWAYS something we CAN be grateful for…..ALWAYS!

If you disagree, you must talk to me…First of all, I WANT to know abut it and second of all, I am willing to bet you can FIND SOMETHING to be grateful for 😊

One thing…..Just one…Start there always…..

And once we give thanks for ONE thing….more will come, because that is how Universal Law works.

When we shift our focus, we tend to find not just a ‘drop’, but a whole ‘stream’ or at least the beginning of a stream.

That stream may have been hidden due to circumstance and when we shift our focus we may find ourselves STANDING in the middle of the stream.

Join us for a spectacular November program. Together with Rev. Janice, our practitioners Gail, Lori and myself we have co-created a program where we will stand in the stream of GRATITUDE and experience the shift from practice to actual experience to having much much more to be grateful for.

We will dwell in thanksbeing, thanksliving, thanksgrowing and thanksloving.

I am grateful for YOU, dear reader…..

I am grateful to send you blessings on the MORE to be grateful for.

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