Posted by: Gail Ferguson Jones

There’s something innate in the human spirit that hungers for happiness.

Something inside each of us that strives from birth for individual happiness, and for good reason.

The experience of happiness is the best feeling in the world.

Few recognize that what we really desire is connection with God, which is the only source of true happiness.

Our U.S. Constitution recognizes our natural desire to be happy, and declares this ideal as a birthright of citizenship, while guaranteeing the freedom to pursue this ultimate goal.

Of course, because of our individual uniqueness, what makes one person happy may not be the same for another. There’s a general social consensus, however, that monetary prosperity and material abundance are indicators of happiness.

As we grow in spiritual awareness, we learn this is not necessarily so.

Science of Mind teaches that happiness is a state of well-being and contentment experienced deep within our very being, and not based on circumstances and conditions.

In the material world, happiness is something we must strive for, and is illusive and fleeting.

But when we live from a state of higher consciousness, the feeling of happiness is not limited to the job we hold, our home, car or money in the bank, all temporal.

True and lasting happiness is deeply spiritual and is not driven by struggle and determination.

It is an inner awareness and beingness that does not require striving. It’s a state of wholeness and completeness in the soul.

It is the I AM of our unity with Spirit and its giving nature.

All we need to be happy is be open to all there is: the beauty of nature, loving relationships, gratitude even for the very air we breathe, cherishing every chance to be of service, and so much more.

The simple things we too often take for granted can make our hearts sing with happiness and joy.

The good feeling of happiness is divine and eternal. It is in openness to infinite fulfillment that we each can say, I AM happy.

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