Infinitely Generous Universe

Posted by: Dr Frankie Timmers

How blessed I am to remember that I am on the receiving end of an Infinitely Generous Universe!
It gives and gives and gives….. This Infinitely Generous Presence is everywhere.
It is in me, moves through me and is all around me.
AND that is true for everyone, everywhere and all the time.
This could blow my mind, but it doesn’t, because today I remember this is the Greatest Truth of all since the beginning of time.
And no matter how often I forget, IT reminds me….. IT makes me remember….
Maybe while witnessing a glorious sunset, looking into the eyes of someone beloved (including pets!),
experiencing a healing of any kind, savoring the beauty of Mother Nature,
or being blessed by some other magical moment.
The Divine Presence loves me unconditionally, gives to me generously and so it is common sense for me to get OUT OF THE WAY!
AND to completely accept it.
Today I let dissolve any belief that is blocking this generosity and love.
I just decide. It’s as simple as that. (As simple as to decide what to have for breakfast…)
Gratefully, I welcome the outcome of this Word, so I turn it over to Universal Law and let It do Its Work for my Highest & Best.

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