It Is Done!

Posted by: Dr Frankie Timmers

Living in a Spiritual Universe, I remember I am on the receiving end of MUCH good.
I am super blessed to remember this.
It makes everything better.
So, in remembrance that all is God (GOOD), I simply surrender and let the Universe have Its Way.
I know how to do this. I just breathe. I just become still And I JUST know!
I realize everything is holy now and it’s how I step back into my day, the world, my day-to-day living.
I breathe a different breath, one that is filled with faith and love.
This makes a difference: not just in my life and world, but also in THE world.
I do my part bringing about good in the world this way.
My actions then come from this Truth and it makes everything well.
Grateful to be a conscious tool of divine Love, I release this word unto the Universal Law and it is done.
And So It Is!

© Center for Spiritual Living Morristown