It’s ALL Sacred

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Today I extend a special welcome & embrace to the darkness…. This may seem counterintuitive to what I understand spiritually and yet being IN the world AND OFF it (per Ernest Holmes), I get to embrace all life as mundane, profane AND sacred, knowing I am of the Divine first & foremost. 

It is, always was and will be Cause to my existence!

I embrace the Wholeness of Life without the temptation to separate and divide.

So today I look more graciously through the lens of Oneness using the life I witness before me as the opportunity to witness darkness in light and light in darkness UNTIL it all becomes One as Light.

I know this is a very very grownup way of seeing the world and being in the world and I am ready.

This is my contribution to the healing that is taking place on our planet…. Not being in a mindheartset of either/or but both/and until Love reveals Itself in and around me.

So I take plenty of time for silence & stillness so Truth can reveal Itself and guide me in taking the next step as a conduit for Divine Right Action.

I trust this way of being in and for myself and others no matter what is happening.

With awe and gratitude I release this word to the Law letting It demonstrate in the Highest & Best ways.

And so it is & shall forever be!

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