Just Be

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“Don’t be a scholar
be a fool for love instead.
If you’re the moon in the sky, fall down
become the dirt on the road.
Be together with young and old, good and bad.
If you start out as a pawn
you’ll become the king later on”

― Jalaluddin Rumi

Today I humble myself before the Presence of God…before the Presence of Love. 

Nothing to do, just BEING…just savoring my intimate connection with the Divine…..

Just experiencing the blessings of the moment….

The depth of Life rises to the surface and I am gifted with more Grace than I could ever imaging.

I let it wash over me and flow through me until I am so deliciously satiated that I effortlessly flow over. 

Now I am a healing presence in the world again, just by my BEING.

Laughter bubbles inside me and rises up and out of me. 

I feel a glorious freedom.

All the heartaches about worldly ‘things’ crack and fall away.

I remember how to take myself and my life so much more lightly.

Now I can be more serious about my inner evolution😊.

I trust my every moment of life as a way to awaken and it blesses the world around me.


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