Life Is An Adventure

Posted by: Eileen Gantz

Little did I know that on March 11, 2007 when I walked through those beautiful blue doors of CSLM that my life would be changed forever! What I intuitively had sensed deep inside about my infinite connection to God, to the Divine Source was affirmed. Through the Science of Mind philosophy, I have come to believe that life is an adventure of discovering who I truly am!

When I remember that, I lighten up! Over the years, as I took classes I began to experience a slow but steady unfoldment, somewhat like a spring flower opening up to the ever-present sun. I gradually began to feel a sense of freedom.

Then, one day, in a moment of self-reflection, I noticed that I was TOTALLY ENJOYING some music! I hadn’t really felt that happy or free in a long time!  This gradual unfolding of experiencing & accepting my true nature as both human AND Divine ultimately lead me to feel a sense of deep Joy for the first time in my life! The key is in the remembrance of my True Nature.

Through the SOM teaching, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned on this journey of self-discovery is that it is ALL UP TO ME! I have the freedom to choose how God is uniquely expressing through me. And this desire to self-express is inherent in each of us. In his book, IT’S UP TO YOU, Ernest Holmes clearly states that “the Universe withholds nothing from us because It would be withholding from Itself.” This simple yet profound statement then inspires me to trust my inner yearnings for creative expression and to believe that ALL is working FOR me and NEVER against me!

Through study, meditation and spiritual mind treatment, I’ve come to believe that this life journey is ever dynamic and never static! Life has a rhythm! Expanding! Resting! Opening! Closing! I am EVER in the flow of Love’s Divine dance! Early one morning, as I woke up, three words came to mind: choice, change, creativity. From that I created the following affirmation: I choose to change my life in creative ways. Today I consciously choose to open my mind, my heart, my whole being in recognition of my absolute oneness with the Infinite. And so with ABSOLUTE faith and unbounded gratitude, I begin each and every day joyfully anticipating a most amazing & creative adventure with Spirit!



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