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Today I more deeply surrender to Infinite Love …I move more deeply from the finite to the Infinite…and here I pause…… I get to dwell in the place of ENOUGH and surrender all areas where I believe & experience (same thing, right!?) not (_____) enough.

I embrace this newfound freedom and make it a day of CELEBRATION.

This treatment is my WORKS today…as in Emma’s (Curtis Hopkins) words ‘Works are the Rest of Mind in the Presence of God’.

I REST in the middle way…

I REST in my work (inner and outer)….

I REST in Divine Love….

And all is well. ALL!

This rest turns into TRUST and this trust demonstrates more than any ego effort could ever do.

My deeper faith is demonstrating all over the place…in the little things and moments and the big ones.

I am so blessed to be a conscious instrument of the Divine.

I am even more blessed to be on the receiving end of my “works”.

I am blessed to open to this Global Love celebrated today….in the giving AND the receiving.

I am blessed to be ALIVE today and to be of service to humanity and our beloved Mother Earth in the Highest & Best ways.

AND SO IT IS & shall forever be.

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