My Breath Of Peace

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Written by Dr. Frankie Timmers

The Breath of the Universe is MY breath and today I more fully own it…..breathe it…..surrender to it.

This breath of mine I make into a breath of peace. 

Each outbreath I release onto the winds of change in our world and I make sure it is cleared of any fear, worry, anxiety and such.

If it isn’t, I simply & gently turn to infinite compassion available in my own heart & soul and let it be purified by the Breath of the Universe.

I have my “work cut out for me” and today ~right now~ I welcome it as PLAY!

Life is ever showing me where I get to trust Spirit some more, where I get to lighten up and where I get to be more free.

Life is ever showing me where I hold my breath (literally & figuratively….. consciously & unconsciously) Hank you Frankie for the loving, freeing treatment.  or where it gets caught in a limited idea. 

I’m so grateful for this for I get to laugh at my own silliness, take a deep, bold, delicious breath and free myself AGAIN.

I’m grateful for the infinite amount of opportunities I am given to be free and to be an instrument of peace in the world: quietly, out loud and everything in between 😄

Today I make a difference with EVERY BREATH** …..KNOWING every breath is a Breath of the Universe by means of me…..I make each one a breath of peace!

And So It Is & Shall Forever Be!

**Apparently on average, we take roughly 20,000 breaths per day.

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