Nature’s Abundant Blessings

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Today I welcome the blessings of Mother Nature…

As she fills and flues my heart with gratitude, beauty and breath I revel in her Infinite Generosity.

Not taking ANY of it for granted, I remember with crystal clarity that I AM, HAVE and DO enough!

Enough, enough, enough is as good as the highest & best celebration.

And now I fully know it is so in every moment.

Remembering this I can let go of any thought, idea or belief of NOT enough and I am willing to do so in the realm of the conscious AND the unconscious.

I find myself dwelling in the space of Infinite Blessedness of simply being alive.

This full and holy acceptance dissolves anything & everything IN THE (imaginary) WAY.

The Light of Truth shines FROM me upon everything and everyone I meet.

I am an instrument of healing (Spirit revealing Itself) from the inside out AND the outside in….

Now Infinite Grace is my substance, my fuel, my everything and it is MORE than enough….


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