‘PLUG IN’ to the Infinite Source

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This beautiful morning as I see the sky alighting, I feel the peace awaken within me.

That Peace that has always been there and will always be there & is HERE NOW.

It inspires me to rest, to be still, to follow what I love…to just BE.

Today I love the freedom of being more connected to my Heart of Hearts than to worldly things.

With fewer distractions I consciously ‘plug in’ today to the Infinite Source of All that is Glorious and I fill up…..I fill up until I spill over…

I fill up with joy, love, creativity, new ideas, and ____________, _______________ & __________________(fill in YOUR own longings).

I am deeply reminded that EVERYTHING comes from within me….If ANYTHING feels missing, I know to become still and listen…..to receive.

….To become still and go to the Infinite Well of All That Is Glorious within me.

Now I have something amazing to contribute AND any and all obstacles dissolve (or at least start to dissolve).

Living from Truth rather than worldly drama & trauma is a  REAL thing! 

I am here to thrive and I believe in THRIVING even with any heartache…(since that is what we all do have in common).

Taking time to ‘unplug’ from worldly things reminds me of this and I am so so so grateful.

I turn this word over to Law and I trust that It knows EXACTLY how to manifest it for my Highest and Best.

AND SO IT IS & Shall forever BE!

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