Principle of Oneness

Posted by: Bill Curran

Ernest Holmes teaches: Everything that lives proclaims the Glory of God. Every
person who exists manifests the Life of God. There is One Spirit in which we live,
One Mind by which we think, One Body of which we are a part and One Light that
lighteth every mans pathway. The theme for this months Sunday Service is
Cherish the Human Family—unity. The book that we will be discussing is
entitled The Principle of Oneness—A Practical Guide to Experiencing the
Profound unity of Everything by Russell Anthony Gibbs.
Whenever I have thought about the Principle of Oneness it has always
centered more on the Spiritual connection in the sense that everyone and
everything is connected to God. Whenever I heard the phrase we are all
made of the same stuff I never delved into understanding exactly what that
means. With this book Gibbs uses such principles as Quantum Mechanics
and String Theory to explain that everyone and everything is connected on
a sub-atomic level. Gibbs also references stem cells as a great example of
the Principle of Oneness for stem cells contain all the possible cell
variations and can become any type of cell necessary. He explains that
within each seemingly separate part is the entire universe with all the possible
There are some very clear ways that we can live the Principle of Oneness.
When we truly love anyone or anything we acknowledge our Oneness with
it and on an emotional level it can feel deeply blissful and euphoric. I have
experienced this with my spouse, siblings, children and, yes, even my cat. I
can also connect to this Oneness whenever I am empathetic or
compassionate or when I am praying, worshipping, speaking to, or hearing
from, God/universe. Another powerful way of connecting to this Oneness is
through meditation, one of the SOM Spiritual Practices. Throughout this
book Gibbs makes reference to ideas that reflect some of the major
principles of SOM such as Oneness, Personal Responsibility, Collective
Consciousness, God is within us as are all of the answers we seek. Gibbs
summarizes his thoughts on Oneness by stating that the Principle of Oneness
is the recognition of the Divine in everyone and everything and allowing
meaningful, loving connections with others. This reminds me of the saying that
the God in me sees the God in you. What a great approach to life.

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