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Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

“Where we place our attention, we have our experience.” Dr. Frankie

This is what we know about fear from the Science of Mind teaching: we experience fear when we are separating from the Truth (from God, from our Essential Self…). Therefore, fear is a GOOD thing, for it tells us where we are and which Truth Principle we need to claim anew: Love, Peace, Power, Harmony, Abundance, etc.  Fear also signals the need to let go of any untruths we may be holding onto.

The following little gem was first published in 2010; however, the material originated in articles of the earliest issues of the Science of Mind magazine ~1926. These articles were based on Dr. Holmes’ lectures – when he was at his most dynamic. Much of this material may also be found in the Science of Mind textbook.

When we look out into the world we see many effects that come from fear. There seems to be much pain, suffering, anxiety, despair, stress, depression, worry and crisis.  This book teaches us there is a remedy: eliminate fear! When we eliminate fear we find ourselves fre(er). This can only happen within the mind of the one experiencing fear.

The main way is through prayer, which we call Spiritual Mind Treatment or Affirmative Prayer.
First, we notice when and where in us or in our lives we feel fear.
Then we practice really feeling it and even exploring it until we find its root.
Then we reflect on what we want instead and we claim it by means of prayer.
We do this until we feel free (or freer) of the fear.

This is what it means to cultivate faith. It is possible to be in so much faith that we surrender to the Power greater than we are and trust It completely.
It requires us to do the work of growing in faith.

As stated on its back cover, Dr. Holmes’ book Living Without Fear is “the guide to a life of peaceful self-actualization, free from the fear of what you don’t want in your life, as well as from the fear of not receiving what you do. This courageous, life-changing book puts the power back into your hands. Here is the end of fear.

Another way to eliminate fear is to NOT look so deeply. Instead, claim what we desire: Love, Peace, Power, Harmony, Abundance, etc.  The more we focus on these Truth Principles, the less we focus on fear. The more we realize and accept that Love, Peace, Power, Harmony, Abundance are already within us, the more fear will dissolve.

So, fear is GOOD when we use it to become aware of how and what we must transform.
Fear is not so good if we stay stuck, letting it run the show.
Either way, there is that snowball effect…Where we place our attention, we have our experience.

Let’s say you are experiencing fear around not having enough money to pay your rent….
Feel it, define it, and explore it a bit.
Surrender to Love and let it sweep away the fear.
And/or think about what you want instead.
Then treat for your desire(s)…

…like this: (example mini treatment)

I live in an Abundant Universe.
It gives and gives and gives.
I am blessed to be on the receiving end, and I am a gracious receiver.
I effortlessly receive – directly from Spirit – everything I need to care for myself.
I trust the Abundant Universe to support me wholeheartedly – always and in all ways.
Anything in the way is now dissolved, never to return.
For this and so much more, I am truly grateful.
And So It Is!

PS. My favorite pages in Living Without Fear are 45, 82, and 87, and my favorite chapter is 17.

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