Seeing The Stupidity In The World

Posted by: Michael Mallack

Written by Michael Mallack

I am always so grateful to “stumble upon” a perfect set of words to match my circumstance while taking classes at Center for Spiritual Living Morristown, and many other places of spirit beforehand in my life.

I say “stumble upon”, because I know truthfully that this is God showing up like sunlight bursting through dark clouds, and my faith is stronger and stronger each day, and with each time I have seen such “miracles of mental healing”, as I would call them.

To sum this one up, I read a passage a while ago that stated that a lack of confidence and self-esteem shows up as “pointing out the stupidity of the world.” This may show up as cursing someone out in road rage constantly, noticing a rude person in a store, whether they be on line or they are your cashier or sandwich maker who got your order wrong, or maybe something else entirely for you.

There are many ways, but basically, it helped me to recognize how much tension I can carry by perpetuating the thoughts that the world is “full of idiots” and they are all in MY way. I know, if you are being honest, that you may have at least been there once or twice.

So I read that probably two years ago and I have worked hard to take notice when it happens, and to say to myself, after a deep breath, God is in me, and that person also. I know this, and I redirect my focus to their divinity, rather than stupidity.

Now, fast forward to my current class, “Our Spiritual Ancestry”, and the book, “Scientific Christian Mental Practice”, and I read these words today:

“What veil is before your own judgment? I will tell you. It is your persistent habit of detecting ignorance and stupidity in people, and wailing about your own stupidity and ignorance. If you have seen that you did not know something, you have called yourself ignorant. If you have seen that somebody else did not know what you thought they ought to, or failed to be quick enough to please you, it was on your tongue, or in your mind, that they were either foolish or ignorant. It is the fall of man. It is all the fall there is.” – Emma Curtis Hopkins, Scientific Christian Mental Practice

I have been working diligently on adapting this frame of mind, because as I shift the way I think about the world around me, the world within me begins to change with it. This is the ONLY way life works, yet we tend to leave our will open to subservience to the will of outside influence, whether it be the will of politicians, allopathic medicine, drugs, alcohol or the news media and other distractions, and this leads us to the bad habits mentioned in Emma’s words above.

Be wise enough to take an honest look at your level of clinging to “seeing stupidity and ignorance”, and just see if intentionally focusing on seeing the good in yourself and others as all there is helps your emotional and mental states, and you may just begin to witness miracles in your life and the lives around you.

What have you got to lose, other than ignorance and stupidity?

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