Self-Care is My Super Power

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As I awaken to this morning’s birdsong, I realize the Universe is serenading me….

“Wake up, beautiful Spirit, a whole new day is before you!”

Today, more than ever, I honor my body temple….the sacred temple that houses my spirit/soul.

I mean……. I GOT to INCARNATE!!

My body temple longs to be seen, known and treated as holy, so I listen to Spirit Within for guidance on how to care for it today… This now easily slips into every day, since time is MY servant!

As I do my morning care rituals, I sing to my body temple.

As I groom, I feel sensual and nurturing.

As I eat, I am grateful for every bite and I bless my body with what nourishes me most.

As I move, I bless the intelligence of my body temple.

Any discomfort or pain is blessed with my awake & sacred consciousness, for I know ALL of it begins there.

The more I bless my body temple and all it can do, the more blessed IT is and feels and it whispers ‘THANK YOU’ to me!

Freely I move, and dance and make love and enjoy all that my body temple is, can do and experiences.

Body-Mind-Spirit IS ONE and I am proving it today in the greatest & most celebratory ways.

Grateful then for the intelligence of my body temple that originates in my mind/heart/soul, I go about my day smiling at the magic, the intelligence and the secrets that my body temple holds and now fully reveals.

AND SO IT IS & shall forever be!

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