Posted by: Lori Carlson

Written by Lori Carlson, 7/10/2022

can you see with your eye into the eye of another?
past the cornea, iris, color and brow?
can you look past appearances to see the light
shining forth from source within?
can you allow the reflection of another to be all they see in your face?
can your very glance give others the chance
to be their true selves?
free of any trace of judgement, envy, derision or scorn?
so that all they see in your eyes is the innocent beauty with which they were born?
can you?
can I?
can I be the mirror, that encourages others to see their own inner divinity?
can I be that honest, that transparent, that true?
can I keep my thoughts polished, spit shined and in line to reflect back only the best of you?
because that’s all I see with my mind’s eye?
a sparkling, shiny, shimmering surface
that reflects and refracts the light in me
until it joins and mixes with the light in you.
namaste one and all.
can I wipe clean any sense of separation from my visage so when others look at me
it feels like they are coming home to themselves?
can I?
do I?
how often and how well?
can I see past the differences into the unique beauty of each one?
that same essence there to be seen and known and grown by the very fact of my looking and recognizing it clearly
can I allow others to feel just how amazing and special they each are by the way that I see them?
can I be the one that gives recognition to the one in others?
to the one in us all?
can I see and be and be seen as a channel of Spirit,
of that power and presence that unites us all and
that flows forth from me as it does from you?
can I maintain such a vision of us as one that it allows for no division or inequity but rather
a deep sense of interconnection and strength
in who we are when united and aware of our true nature?
can I?
do I?
what more can I do to see rightly
and allow others to be rightly seen?
can I realign my posture, my position, my pose?
can I be mindful of every muscle twitch,
every grimace or groan
every about to be roll of the eyes and instead
emanate compassion and exude acceptance to all?
in my every smile, however small?
can I use my physical form to put others at ease?
not make them uncomfortable, feel competitive or
in any way less than, fearful or challenged?
can I be a warm place,
a safe space,
open arms of grace
for everyone I meet?
and if not, at least a neutral one?
arousing nothing harmful, nothing negative,
nothing that is a you/ not me feeling?
but rather, somewhere/someone that invites you in
to take a deep breath or release a deep sigh,
where you can relax and feel seen, accepted and whole?
can I?
can you?
can we?
learn to truly see?
the One
in one another?

© Center for Spiritual Living Morristown