Spiritual Laws and How to Use Them

Posted by: Gail Belluardo

Ever since I can remember, I’ve longed to understand life.  I wanted to know the cause of everything; and my favorite childhood question was “why?”  I often wondered,  “Why is life the way it is?”  “Why do people act the way they do?”  And “Why am I the way I am?”

Studying Human Psychology offered rich insights into human motivation and behavior. Yet, it didn’t help to explain how God fit into my life.  I didn’t believe in the punishing God of my Catholic upbringing but, instead, felt It’s Presence as warm and loving.  In fact, whenever I’m out in nature, especially near the ocean, I’m awed by God’s Beauty and Power.

Only after discovering the Science of Mind Philosophy, have my greatest questions been answered. This Teaching opened my mind to the Greater Reality of All Life.

The Science of Mind is also a spiritual psychology that provides insights into our spiritual nature and the power within each one of us. The Universe is a Spiritual system with metaphysical laws that respond to one’s thoughts and feelings.  Though I’d been ignorant of these laws, they were still operating in my consciousness. Instead of blaming myself, I learned that taking responsibility for myself simply meant that I could “respond” to the conditions in my life and change them.

I learned that All is Love and All is Law. Love is the Givingness of God, Law is the Activity of God.  Simple yet quite profound. As I began to consciously use Spiritual Law, I experienced a greater degree of freedom than ever before.  Fixed and ingrained limiting beliefs about myself, prosperity and my relationships have slowly been transformed into more desirable ones.

The beauty of this Teaching is that there are clear spiritual principles and practices that anyone can do.  And you always begin right where you are.  So, regardless of what you are experiencing, there are clear and effective ways to connect to God, center yourself and shift your experience.

Some of these practices include:

  • meditating – consciously communing with the Mind of God (courting the Presence)
  • Spiritual Mind Treatment **- A powerful prayer technique using Spiritual Law through 5 Steps (Recognition, Unification, Realization, Thanksgiving, Release)
  • taking a full breath while imagining you are being breathed by God
  • placing your hands on your heart while reflecting upon a spiritual idea (such as Love, Peace, Power, Beauty, Light, Joy, Wisdom, Clarity, Self Love, Compassion, Truth, Faith, Abundance, Health, Gratitude).  FEEL, SEE and KNOW you are activating this quality within your consciousness.   Allow yourself to fully embody it
  • creating an Affirmation beginning with “I AM ” (Peace, Joy, etc) knowing that your declaration is a command to Spiritual Law. Speak it with conviction.  Repeat 3
  • When you feel a positive emotion: Place your hands on your heart.  With each in breath, feel yourself amplifying the feeling and filling your body with i
  • When you have a negative emotion: Pause. Take a full deep breath.  With conviction, say to yourself, “Let. It. Go.” Declare what you would like to feel instead.  Take a deep breath.  Repeat as often as needed

Regularly using these practices, you will be working with Spiritual Law to gradually shift your thoughts, feelings and experiences into more desired ones.

I recommend Meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment** as powerful daily practices to help you establish a firm spiritual foundation. Additionally, the other practices can assist you in developing your spiritual consciousness.

Wishing you continued growth on your spiritual journey!

**If you are not familiar with spiritual mind treatment, please feel free to contact your center’s spiritual director or practitioners.















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