Steeped in Gratitude!

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

The more grateful I am NOW, the more I shall be in the next moment…(the future).
Gratitude is my constant spiritual practice.
Today I am steeped in gratitude. No matter what is going on in my/the world I can ALWAYS find something to be grateful for.
It just means I return to the very Truth/Cause of life and I remember how blessed I already am.
Knowing I am one with the One is the greatest gift I give myself. It means I am truly conscious.
Being consciously on the receiving end of Divine Grace fills me, fuels me and heals me.
Today I let go of any limiting belief (meaning anything I am complaining about!!) and I open my mind, heart and body to greater ideas.
I give thanks for them in advance and Universal Law takes care of the rest. How fun!
I look forward to unexpected surprises.
Dwelling in gratitude makes my life so much more joyful.
I welcome joy in greater and greater ways.

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