The Gentle Art of Blessing

Posted by: Lori Carlson

In his book,” The Gentle Art of Blessing”, Pierre Pradervand explains a simple practice that works in alignment with the spiritual laws of the universe and thus has the power to radically transform our daily lives.  It is a practice based on the oldest spiritual beliefs of all traditions, most often quoted as the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. But blessing is not something we do for this purpose, or for self-gain.  Even though one of the benefits of blessing is the return of good as you put out good, since we are all One, and what you do to others, you inherently do to yourself, the purpose of blessing is to spread the unconditional Love that is the power and source of the universe.

“On awakening, bless this day, for it is already full of unseen good which your blessings will call forth…”

“To bless means to wish, unconditionally and from the deepest chamber of your heart, unrestricted good for others and events…To bless is to invoke divine care upon, to speak or think gratefully…”

“To bless is to acknowledge the omnipresent, universal beauty hidden from material eyes; it is to activate the law of attraction…”

In these words, and many examples of the effects of blessing in his own life and the lives of others, the author shows us how loving unconditionally is the most important activity for us and the one that leads ultimately to the truest and deepest happiness.  This energy of unconditional love can be directed at persons, places and events that cause us unhappiness or difficulties, as well as to those we love and appreciate. It is in this form of blessing that the true power is revealed, for when blessing a difficult coworker, or a political figure we disagree with, blessing can take the place of judgment.  As we judge less and bless more, we are sending forth a healing energy that has unlimited power to change the world in which we live.

We know that it is done unto us as we believe, and that our thoughts create our lives, so make them thoughts of love and spread that love by blessing others.  It is such a simple concept, but one that has real power when done with a true intention and loving heart. I have used the power of affirmations and affirmative prayer in my spiritual practice for some time, but this practice of the art of blessing has been a powerful tool for me. 

I do a loving kindness meditation for my coworkers and customers everyday before I go to work to ensure a better day with often difficult, complaining people, and it helped.  But when I changed it to blessing them all, in all the qualities and conditions that I felt they were most lacking, I noticed a definite improvement in my relationships with them. Whether or not they had benefited by my blessing them in their integrity, their abundance, their ability to do the next right thing, their right speech, their fairness, and their oneness with God, my relationships with them all definitely improved and I found that I had a more prosperous and joyful day.  I became more compassionate to their struggles and could see more of the God in each one of them. It became easier to listen without judging and to truly wish them well from my inner heart. Now, when someone annoys me and I find myself falling into criticism or complaint, I remember this gentle practice and repeat a blessing for them to myself, which helps me recenter back into the flow of good.

From the many suggestions of blessings in this book, I now try to bless my food and all the people who had a hand in preparing it, from the farmers to the packers to the chefs and everyone along the way.  I bless the drivers who pass me on the road, and the newsmakers that disturb me and those who inspire me. I bless the workers I encounter at stores and the families with unruly children who disturb my peace.  There seems to be no person or situation that it is impossible to send a blessing to when we try, and realize that it is in the spirit of the universal law of Love that this energy must be having a positive effect on the world, if we do the work in our own consciousness.

The author gives many powerful and moving examples of seemingly miraculous cures and changes in people’s behaviors and attitudes as witnessed by himself and many others around the world thru the art of blessing.  I have seen it in a small way in my own daily life.

This month’s theme is respecting other Nations and Peoples, and Gratitude, and I think that the art of blessing others is a wonderfully powerful way to respect all peoples, by recognizing our inherent Oneness and demonstrating that we need to share our blessings with everyone to show our true gratitude for the miraculous life we’ve been given. I recommend you all give this book a read, and try the gentle art of blessing for yourselves.  I’d love to hear how it works for you.

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