There Are Days

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

Written by Dr. Frankie Timmers

There are these day where my heart feels so full and overflowing that I might burst…..
Then there are days where I wonder what it is all about….

How about you?
I am probably not alone….Life is like that…BOTH/AND!

The moment we slip into EITHER/OR we can get lost.
Lost in the judgment of good and bad, right and wrong.
At at a higher level there only what IS.

It is what it is: the 13th century Sufi Poet RUMI said. “Fihi Ma Fihi”.

This invites ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance is one of the most powerful, transformative spiritual practice I know.

Dwell in acceptance and see/feel what happens….

It can take you to this higher place of being.
It can show you new avenues.
It can melt your heart into compassion.
It can set you free!!!

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