This Human Journey I Am On

Posted by: Dr. Frankie Timmers

Written by Dr. Frankie Timmers

Oh, this human journey I am on……always called to remember it is Divine Play.

Always called to see the Good.

Always having my heart broken, JUST so it may open wider and deeper.
I am a fool for God, because I say YES to ALL of it.

Today I more and more partake of ‘mystical renewal by quickening inspiration’. *
Seeing the divides growing in the world of form, I choose to be a unifier….
I choose to look deeper and see the Divine Play. 
Nothing is EVER what it seems to be….
I take a birds’ eye view and see the pockets in need a love and clarity and I serve.
What dissolves is the sense of separation and all the silly ways (and NOT so silly ways) I experience divisiveness. 
I know the healing begins with and in me.
So, I sigh😥…..and I add light & laughter 🥰for I am simply called to remember I am here to experience quickening inspiration rather than the slowing, deepening divisiveness that seems to be destroying our planet and humanity…..
I am here to take in that wider and deeper point of view, to cultivate more understanding and compassion.
So, I am able to hold BOTH: Love and grief. 
This allows me to bear witness and in witnessing I am given all that I need to be a healing presence in the world.
THIS I welcome…
This I am grateful for….
If this makes me a fool, let me BE a fool for God!
And So It Is!

*Why, O humankind are you so decrepit, having power to partake of mystical renewal by quickening inspiration?
          From The Mysticism of Emma Curtis Hopkins ~Realizing the Christ Within ~ Compiled by Ute Maria Cedilla. P. 31
A Fool for God

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