Where Is God Going?

Posted by: Michael Mallack

As I paddle along in my canoe, Beavertail wooden paddle in the water as the waves lap against the bow and keel, I bask in the presence of uncertainty. 

With all of the outward manifestations of seemingly broken dreams around us, God is still walking, still manifesting, and also IS the stillness of our very essence that cannot be broken, shattered or destroyed. This is all God after all. It is during these times, as the ashes of what has been burned float away and separate, that legendary sages and ancient wisdom rise, like the phoenix from the embers. 

We are being called to part with that which is broken and to utilize the remnants of what once was towards a better tomorrow. Our teaching relishes in all being love and all being good. Now more than ever, we need this philosophy to be engrained within our hearts and the one mind as we create anew and bring vitality to a flourishing new beginning. 

So today, I lift up my heart, ignite the fire within my sacral center and I will JUST BE in the presence of Divine Inspiration and introspection. Within the silence, like the perfect persistence of mother nature, I find my purpose with little to no effort at all. Within the silence, in meditative reflection, my purpose unfolds like a blooming flower in the sun rays, like a butterfly from the cocoon. 

Today I remind you; Rise up. Shine brightly. Reflect sweetly. Be the love that we all know exists within this magnificent universe. Share your light with those around you. Be the lighthouse of our time, not just the mere reflection of fear and hatred. The Science of Mind allows us to rise with a unique perspective; We create reality within our minds eye, and we know how to do so with beauty and grace. 

This blog post was inspired by our new Flourishing Class, taught by the lovely Dr. Reverend Frankie Timmers, as we disseminate the book, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”, written by Deepak Chopra. 

Our classes are significantly inspirational and informative, taking Sunday Celebration to a whole new level of understanding, engagement and involvement. This is where the real nourishment sinks in!  

Join us on our Facebook page, on Youtube and on the CSLMorristown.org Website to see how you can get involved in these classes virtually on Zoom from the comfort of well…….anywhere that you can get a signal on your smartphone, tablet or computer. How great is that?! 

Also, even if you are shy, or connect deeply with just one or two of our members, we encourage you to stay connected with at least those trusted souls so that your heart and willingness may stay strong and supported, in even the smallest of ways. It is amazing how even one beam of light can shine beautifully through the darkest of clouds. 

There has never been a better time than right now to support this center as we grow and expand virtually into a reality far deeper than 3D ever could be! 

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